Denver Rock N Roll

Yesterday I completed the Denver Rock N Roll Half Marathon and it was an experience to remember. This race is one of the first I have done in a long time that I didn’t have tummy issues. Yes, as a runner many of us know that dreaded feeling. So I thought I would share with […]

Breakfast Foods to Avoid

Breakfast is a vital morning meal because it fuels your body throughout the day. However, not all breakfast foods are good for the body. Some foods can cause a spike in blood sugar that results in a major drop soon after, causing sudden fatigue.

Health Coaching

Have you ever received good advice that you were unable to follow? Has your doctor ever recommended a lifestyle change that you found to be unsustainable? Have you ever wanted something in your life, but found you couldn’t achieve it alone? I’m a knowledgeable advisor who provides ongoing support and guidance as you set goals […]

8 Tips to Help You Burn Fat Faster

While there’s no magic fat-loss fairy who’ll grant your wishes overnight, there are a few proven techniques you can use to boost your results and lose weight faster. Check ’em out.

Use of Herbs

Next time you walk into the kitchen and smell something delicious that makes your mouth water, or you have a fresh salad that’s got something extra yummy in it, odds are that you can blame it on fresh green herbs—fragrant, flavorful, and actually good for you. Sure, you can get the dried version in a […]

Is Fro-Yo a No-No? 5 Healthy Frozen Alternatives

Source: Team Beachbody Newsletter Most neighborhoods in Los Angeles – and the rest of the country – seem to have a frozen yogurt shop. Pinkberry®, Red Mango®, Kiwiberry, Céfiore®, you name it – they’re in strip malls, shopping centers, office complexes – even airports, hotels, and casinos. Frozen yogurt is touted as being low in […]

Breakfast Burrito

Here’s a good reason not to skip breakfast: our tasty breakfast burrito! It’s quick, it’s handy, and it’s nutritious. Make a date with yourself to try one for your next breakfast . . . you won’t be sorry! Nonstick cooking spray 1 10-in. whole wheat flour tortilla (I personally use gluten free tortillas) 3 egg […]

9 Foods That Can Fool You

While delicious by mid-20th century Midwestern standards, it wasn’t nearly as calorie-restrictive as you’d think compared to the chicken-fried steak and baked potato my dad was eating across the table.

Sore, Hungry, and Slow

Source: P90X Newsletter 3 Signs That Show Your Program Is Working By Steve Edwards Exercise makes us feel great. It makes us less hungry. It helps us perform everyday tasks better. Besides our health and the way we look, feeling great, being less hungry, and performing better are exactly the reasons we put ourselves through […]

Down and Dirty One-Pot Meals

For a lot of us, an elegant sit-down family dinner means serving the chicken without the bucket. Having to work until 5:00 or 6:00 at night and then having to come home and whip up something your children will eat that won’t get you reported to the Department of Children and Family Services can be […]