Have you ever wanted to know which fish is good to eat and which you should try to avoid? Well, here is a list of 6 of my favorite fish that are good for you.

1. Wild caught Salmon from Alaska

This is by far my personal #1 choice. Alaska’s wild-caught salmon is so good for you since a 3-ounce serving is packed with 1,210 mg of omega-3s. Once you have this wild caught salmon from Alaska you won’t want any other.

2. Farmed Rainbow Trout

Did you know farmed rainbow trout is what you’ll find in most markets today? Yep, that way they are more protected from contaminates due to being farmed in freshwater ponds. These farmed rainbow trout are actually a better choice than wild lake trout. I never knew that! Do you have a favorite recipe for rainbow trout?

3. Albacore Tuna

Tuna is best if caught in British Columbia or from the US since the colder northern waters often have higher omega-3 counts and they are lower in mercury. You will need to do your homework to know how your fish was caught so be sure to ask the fish guy or gal at the counter.

4. Pacific Wild Caught Sardines

These little inexpensive fish are packed with more omega-3s (1,950 mg!) in one 3-ounce serving than about any other food like salmon or tuna. It’s also naturally high in Vitamin D. Did you know many fish in the herring family are commonly called sardines?

5. Freshwater Farmed Coho Salmon

Freshwater Coho Salmon has in one 3-ounce serving a healthy source of omega-3s that gives you 1,025 milligrams. Beware, salmon that is farmed in open pens are labeled “avoid”. Freshwater coho raised in closed containment are much better for you.

6. Farmed Oysters

Yea, I know we see the word “farmed” and we immediately think “no good”. Well, thats not true in this case. A 3-ounce serving of these oysters contains over 300 mg of omega-3s. This is about a third of the recommended daily values of iron. Wow! HOWEVER, raw shellfish may contain bacteria that causes illnesses, especially when from warm waters so be careful.

I’m sure there are many more healthy fish to have. The important thing is to know where the fish is from and how it was raised. Enjoy!