Joanne Ticsay

Exactly six months ago today I started this fitness journey. I had no idea what I was gonna get myself into but decided to go for it. It started off rocky because I lost so much weight in the first 3 weeks (15 lbs to be exact) my body went through some issues. After having lot of test were done, my body just was not adjusting correctly to the weight loss. After adjusting my diet and changing up my workout I finally figured it out. This journey has been challenging but the results have been oh so rewarding! I never knew how unhappy I was. I am still continuing on this fitness journey not only because of the weight loss but it has made me a better person inside, out and I love the way I feel. To date I am down 48 pounds and down 4 pant sizes. I have no goal, just bettering myself by the way I feel and by the way I look. I am grateful and thankful for the people like Cecilia who have helped and supported me on this amazing fitness journey! It is never too late for anything. Stay focused and keep your eye on the prize! I have overcome things I once thought I could not do. Rather than aim to be perfect, just aim to be better today than I was yesterday!