Sore, Hungry, and Slow

Source: P90X Newsletter 3 Signs That Show Your Program Is Working By Steve Edwards Exercise makes us feel great. It makes us less hungry. It helps us perform everyday tasks better. Besides our health and the way we look, feeling great, being less hungry, and performing better are exactly the reasons we put ourselves through […]

Team Beachbody News

Enter INSANITY: THE ASYLUM™—Warning! Shaun T WILL Take Your Game to the Next Level! Fitness Expert Steve Edwards previews P90X:MC2™ on The Straight Dope. Check out Beachbody’s new RevAbs® blog featuring celebrity trainer Brett Hoebel. P90X® creator Tony Horton talks about his new book Bring It! with CNBC’s Darren Rovell. Bring It! is available now. […]