By Sarah Ince, eHow Contributor.

Breakfast is a vital morning meal because it fuels your body throughout the day. However, not all breakfast foods are good for the body. Some foods can cause a spike in blood sugar that results in a major drop soon after, causing sudden fatigue. Choosing the right breakfast foods can help ensure that your day starts off on the right foot by sustaining energy until your next meal.

Fast Food Breakfast Sandwiches

Fast food breakfast sandwiches do contain some nutrition, especially if one of the ingredients is eggs. However, these foods are high in fat because of bacon, bread and other condiments. Avoid these sandwiches when you go out to eat for breakfast. Instead, make your own healthy breakfast sandwich at home with whole grain toast, eggs and a tomato.

Sugar-laden Cereal

Sugar-laden cereals may have a few vitamins added into the product, but this food is highly processed, and it contains a high amount of sugar, sodium and other chemicals. Read food labels on cereal boxes, so that you know exactly what’s contained inside. Swap sugary cereal for healthier cereals that don’t contain any sugar or have oatmeal with raisins instead.


Avoid pastries, such as cinnamon rolls and donuts, for breakfast. These foods are devoid of nutrition, and they only add more fat and sugar to your diet. You also may end up eating more because the food doesn’t sustain you throughout the morning. Avoid blueberry muffins and any other pastries that are high in sugar. Instead, eat whole grain toast with butter or peanut butter for breakfast instead. Choose fruit if you want something healthy yet sweet. Dates, blueberries, strawberries, grapes and other fruits are all acceptable for breakfast. Make a fruit smoothie that contains strawberries, bananas and blueberries.

Sausage and Bacon

Avoid sausage and bacon, especially pork bacon. Even though bacon is rich in protein, it is still not a good option for breakfast because it contains high amounts of fat. Instead, eat protein-rich scrambled eggs for breakfast topped with low-fat cheese. Mayo Clinic recommends hard-boiled eggs, peanut butter and lean slices of meat or fish, such as salmon or tuna for breakfast.

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