habitsBy making small changes daily you will start long-term changes in your life. It takes conscience effort as well as getting up when you fall short. Whether you’re wanting to lose a few pounds, start a exercise routine or slow down from this fast paced life, here are some things that I hope will make starting easier.

1. Eat a healthy full breakfast

I’m always amazed to hear someone tell me that they don’t eat breakfast and wonder why they are sluggish and tired by 10 am. You body has fasted for at least 6 hours (should be 8) while you slept so what’s another few hours, right? WRONG. By not eating breakfast you are not fueling your body to begin the day. Try a smoothie if you have a tough time swallowing but be careful it’s not full of sugar. Be sure you add some healthy protein, spinach or another vegetable and a healthy fat. One of my favorite smoothie is made with hemp milk, a orange, 1/4 banana, spinach, fresh ginger, 1/4 avocado and a couple ice cubes. I can carry it around as I’m getting ready to sip which helps me get it down. Another thing to dry is switch those high sugar cereals for a whole grain cereal and add some milk and fruit.

2. Replace the high fat chips for one vegetable

Pick one thing that you know isn’t healthy and replace it with a healthy vegetable. I like to keep carrots peeled and sliced in sandwich bags so they are easy to grab. I also have cucumbers or cauliflower or red bell peppers ready to go. You don’t have to add all these veggies at one time. Give yourself time to acquire the taste for them or simply change the way you’re thinking.

3. Every morning find something to be grateful for

We begin to appreciate our lives when we make a conscience effort to be grateful. Instead of thinking negatively about what you don’t have, think about what you do have. It may not be the perfect job but be grateful you have a job. Be aware of the small things that bring you joy.

4. Waking up earlier to have your quite time or to exercise

Early morning are so peaceful to me. I love seeing the sun come up, the air is so fresh and clean and it’s before the business of the day so I can sit and have my quite time, plan out my day, get my workout done and take some deep breaths. This will take some practice. Especially if you have a busy day planned and you just want to get on with it. I find when I wake up earlier to get these things in I think clearer and have a more positive outlook on life.

5. Start a exercise routine that is simple

One thing I notice a lot is we have the tendency to start a work out program that is too hard.  What I mean by that is if you want to start running don’t try to run 5 miles on your first time out. Start with 1 and see how you feel. Are you sore the next day? Were you out of breath while running? Are you exhausted the rest of the day? These are all signs that you over did it. If you want a in home fitness program I’m happy to help you find one that suites you and your goals.

5. If it’s a temptation, get rid of it

This can go for sweet, salty or fating. Why keep those foods in your pantry or freezer when you know they are your down fall. If there are not there you won’t be so tempted. Now I’m not saying deprive yourself either. If you want a bowl of ice cream, but the smallest size container, measure out your serving and enjoy that ONE bowl. It’s when we have a big bowl that is probably 2 servings on a regular basis that we get ourselves in trouble. Simply just don’t buy it or ask who does the shopping to not buy it.

6. Be accountable

Tell your family, a friend or someone what you are trying to do so they can support and encourage you. Having an accountability partner isn’t because you are weak, its to help you when you are tempted which will make you so much stronger. I have accountability partners for different areas of my life. One for my business, another for a bible study I’m doing, and some else for my fitness and nutrition. It’s ok to have different ones or one for all areas of your life. The key is to stay accountable even when you may mess up.