I love doing accountability groups because, for me, fitness has no end. I am often asked questions about exercise or nutrition, so what better way to stay consistent in our fitness journey then to have a awesome support group.

Why burpees? Burpees can be done anywhere. They do not require any equipment. They work the ENTIRE body. They’ll make you stronger and they can be added to any workout. We all love to hate them for sure!!!

Burpees have several different forms — some include a plank. Others have a full push up, a tuck jump or even a pull up at the end. I am leaving it up to you on which form you choose to do. All I ask is that you PUSH YOURSELF!

We are all different in many ways and have different goals. For me, I like looking fit and toned but mostly I like looking healthy. So join me starting November 1st on this 30 Day Burpee Challenge so we will feel and look fabulous for all those holiday parties coming up. You can also find me on Facebook, where I created a event.

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