With this year coming to an end and the start of a fresh new year upon us, we all think of “New Year Resolution”. Sometimes those are goals are the same ones we have made before and sometimes they are totally new and fresh goals, but one things for sure, they are always made with excitement and a heart felt “I’m going to do this” attitude.

The questions really is: How do I do this? How will this year be any different? What do I need to change to achieve my goals?

In order to change, you’ll need to consider your intentions and shift your attitude. So here are a few tips that have helped me:

1. Forgive yourself

Let it go. Forgiving yourself will bring healing and allow you to move forward. We all have something we are not proud of, but holding on to that grudge hasn’t helped so far, has it?

If need be, find a reliable counselor or a book that will help you let go. Being weighted down with anger and resentment will just slow you down. If you truly want to move forward, forgiving yourself and or others so you CAN move forward.

2. Be grateful

Being grateful allows doors to be opened which helps us let go of what you “don’t have” and focus on what you do have. We all have something good in our lives. When I focus on what I’m grateful for it lifts that heavy burden and I feel so much lighter. I’m not weighed down by negativity. I’m learning to be content with what I do have.

Start a journal and write down 1 things you are grateful for that day. This includes finding the good in a struggle you had that day. This isn’t the time to vent, it’s about finding the good in all things. Keep this journal with you if you need to but be sure to write in it everyday!

3. Have some quite time

Whether this is by doing yoga or meditation or prayer, it’s about stopping long enough to hear what you body and your spirit is telling you. This will help to restore your awareness and relax your mind. This is the time to truly focus on something bigger than yourself and to trust.

There is a ton of resources out there. Look into your neighborhood church or local yoga studio. Whatever style you choose that is right for you, choose the one that will help you make positive changes. If that one doesn’t work then try another one. All churches are not the same nor are yoga studios.

4. Find support

To me, this is the most important. It’s so easy for us to not make changes when we haven’t told anyone about them. Who will know you failed, right? Well, you will. By having the support you need to succeed you will be held¬†accountable and on the right path.

Whether your goals for the new year are to lose weight or eat healthier,¬†one things for sure, what you have been doing hasn’t worked. It’s time to get rid of the old circumstances and focus on a new perspective and try something new. Get connected with yourself. Believe in yourself. And love yourself! Decide to change. Commit to making those changes. And you will succeed.

Be healthy!